Body waxing provides weeks of smooth, healthy skin. With each waxing, hair grows back less and less. Body waxing for men and women is a simple process. Waxing performed by professionals is much more comfortable than pretty much any other hair removal option – and the process is a quick one. Elevated Beauty offers complete waxing from head to toe. Upper body waxing for women and men, lower body waxing, and bikini waxing helps remove unwanted hair and leave skin exfoliated and soft for weeks at a time.

Upper body waxing leaves chests, arms, and backs completely smooth to the touch. No unwanted dark hairs speckle the body; all embarrassing back hair is completely eliminated. Upper body waxing utilizes large strips to target specific areas that include:
Stomach waxing
Chest waxing
Back/Shoulders waxing (often packaged together)
Arms waxing
Hands waxing

Upper body waxing is most popular among male clients, but many women also opt for selective upper body waxing. Professional estheticians create a relaxing atmosphere and remove all unwanted hair based on client desires.

Lower body waxing saves time and money. Waxing the lower body is probably the most popular services offered. Waxing of the legs and the entire lower body is incredibly popular among women who want smooth skin. Lower body waxing requires a bit of trimming beforehand, but can keep skin smooth for up to two months. Lower body waxing includes the following procedures:
Leg waxing
Inner thigh waxing
Buttocks waxing
Toes waxing

Modern, professional waxing treatments use wax that is skin temperature and elastic, eliminating much of the pain associated with this procedure. Lower body waxing helps sculpt smooth, attractive legs.

Bikini waxing at a professional Spa is one of the only ways to get rid of all the unwanted hair down there. The process is a little bit more complicated than other areas, but the result is the same. Smooth, hair-free skin that stays that way for weeks at a time. Here are a variety of bikini waxing treatments women (and some men) choose from:
Brazilian Bikini Waxing
Playboy Bikini Waxing
Bikini Line Waxing
Deep Bikini Waxing
Buttocks Strip

Choosing to wax the bikini area is a big step towards complete personal hygiene. Our professional wax technicians understand how delicate the area is and are discrete and precise throughout a waxing.

Elevated Beauty has performed full body waxing services for many men. It is a popular, safe and easy hair removal method. Waxing is better than shaving because the results last several weeks, instead of just days. With continuous waxing, hair on the body thins over time. Great for runners, cyclist and swimmers.

Before & after getting a back wax, chest wax, brazilian wax, full body wax or any of our other hair removal services, its best if you to not go tanning for 24 Hours.

We discourage waxing for those who have used Glycolic, Retin A or Acutane in the last 6 months. If you ar taking any prescription that may make the skin thin, or if you have recently been burned during a prior waxing service as your skin may be to sensitive for waxing. It important to inform your Esthetician prior to any wax services about any of the above challenges.

Body hair should be at least 1/4 inch in length prior to the hair removal process. Elevated Beauty offers an array of waxing services for both men and women. We use both strip wax and hard wax to ensure the most effective results.